Norman in moo forest

If you’re reading this, chances are you love animals and want to do what’s best for them. And what better time than the beginning of a brand-new year to implement choices that are kinder not only to animals but also to our fellow humans and the planet?

Every day, nearly 10 billion land animals suffer unimaginable cruelty at the hands of the animal agriculture industry – and all for human consumption. Not to mention the impacts factory farming has on the environment as well as vulnerable workers. It’s an ugly industry built on suffering. The good news is that you can make a difference! Taking simple and effective actions in your everyday life can help save animals and protect people and our planet.

Here are some easy ways to make 2024 a kind year for animals:

Choose Plant-Based

If you haven’t already, consider making the switch to a vegan diet. By opting for plant-based alternatives, you actively contribute to the well-being of animals and help combat the harsh realities of factory farming. Not to mention actively choosing vegan meals will lessen your impact on the environment, benefit your health, and reduce harm to communities living near factory farms. Try Veganuary this month for access to meal planning, coaching, and more.

Volunteer at the Sanctuary

One of the most impactful and rewarding ways to help animals is to volunteer at Lighthouse (or a sanctuary near you). Sanctuaries like ours, which are volunteer-run, are always in need of dedicated individuals who can assist with feeding, cleaning, and providing care for the rescued animals. Your time and commitment contribute significantly to the daily operations of the sanctuary, ensuring that the animals receive the attention and care they deserve. Not to mention one of the best perks of volunteering – spending quality time with animals! There’s nothing like giving a happy pig a belly rub after a shift cleaning up the barn.  Click here to learn more about volunteering.

Support rescued animals with a monthly gift!

If you’re unable to volunteer or are looking for more ways to support animals, consider becoming a monthly donor! Lighthouse is 100% donor-funded which means we rely on community support to provide everything our rescued animals need for a healthy, happy life. Monthly donations are critical and help cover necessities like medical costs, feed, cozy bedding, and housing maintenance. You can either sign up as a monthly donor here, or join our Patreon for as little as $1 a month and get access to behind-the-scenes content of the animals not posted anywhere else like weekly vlogs and monthly newsletters.