With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be an excellent chance to introduce you to some of the mothers who are lucky to spend their time, safe and loved, at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. And the best part? They get to live out their lives in the company of their babies, which is a rare and beautiful thing.


Meeting calm and kind Betsy for the first time, you wouldn’t imagine that she survived years of suffering at a small-scale dairy. Sweet Betsy was forced to give birth many times and was never able to love or even interact with her babies. But fate intervened when she found sanctuary at Lighthouse. Upon arrival, burdened by pregnancy and battling a severe mastitis infection, Betsy’s journey to healing began.

The moment she welcomed her son, Oliver, into the world, apprehension lingered in the air. Would sanctuary truly mean sanctuary for them both? Yet, against all odds, a bond formed that transcended the scars of the past.

Fast forward six years, and Betsy and Oliver stand as living proof of the transformative power of compassion. Inseparable companions, their bond radiates with a love that knows no bounds. Their story echoes the profound impact of sanctuary and the vital importance of our collective efforts. In their embrace, we find hope, reminding us that amidst adversity, love always prevails.


Tilda’s dramatic rescue is nothing short of incredible. Arriving on the scene of a horrible neglect case involving hundreds of sheep, we found Tilda trapped under a collapsed shed. Her weakness and thin body implied that she had been trapped there for days, maybe even longer, without food or water. With determination and care, we freed Tilda.

It’s safe to say that Tilda was in severe danger and we’re so glad we found her when we did. Upon arriving at the sanctuary, she was understandably scared, but after providing solace in the form of warmth, nourishment, and medication, she began to come around.

One week after arriving at the sanctuary she gave birth to two sweet, healthy little lambs, Bean and Chickpea. It’s been a joy watching them grow up in the safety of sanctuary with their attentive and loving mom Tilda to guide them.


Everyone who meets Cupcake is instantly enamored by her charm and it’s exactly that charm that may have saved her life. Cupcake was originally purchased by a family to be eaten, but unable to reconcile their fondness for her with the notion of her fate, they made a heartfelt decision to seek help instead. And so, one fateful afternoon, they arrived at our sanctuary gates, Cupcake in tow, and we couldn’t say no. Little did we know, Cupcake carried within her the promise of new life and not much later we were surprised to find 5 adorable piglets in her stall.

Contrary to misconceptions perpetuated by the agriculture industry, pigs like Cupcake are extraordinary mothers. In the nurturing embrace of sanctuary life, Cupcake flourished in her maternal role, providing love and protection to her adored piglets. Five years later and you can still find her snuggled up with her grown children, happy and content.

Help us celebrate all mother’s by making a one-time gift in their honor! All donations are tax deductible and go towards the care of over 350 rescued animals who call Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary home.