Meet Betsy and her son, Oliver, a remarkable duo whose journey at our sanctuary is nothing short of a heartwarming tale of resilience and love. Betsy’s story began when she was rescued from a local dairy farm, a place that had brought her pain and suffering. Upon her arrival, she carried the heavy burden of a dangerous and painful mastitis infection, and she was also pregnant.

It took months of dedicated care and support to nurse Betsy back to health, and it wasn’t long before she brought new life into the world. The birth of Oliver marked a momentous occasion, but it also stirred fear and concern in Betsy’s heart. She had never been given the opportunity to care for any of her numerous babies over the years, and she worried that Oliver might be taken from her.

But, at our sanctuary, the story was different. Betsy and Oliver are inseparable, their bond unbreakable. Together, they explore the sanctuary’s grounds, embracing the freedom and happiness they so rightfully deserve. Their relationship is a testament to the extraordinary strength of a mother’s love and the enduring connection between a mother and her son.

Betsy and Oliver’s story reflects the essence of our sanctuary, where love, care, and family are at the heart of our mission.

Oliver & Betsy

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