Meet Hermes, Bruno, and Apollo, the delightful trio of piglets who arrived at our sanctuary as tiny, palm-sized bundles of joy. Their early days were marked by uncertainty, as they had been purchased off of Craigslist with the intention of raising them for slaughter. However, their needs quickly became apparent, and we couldn’t have been happier to step in and provide them with the life they truly deserved. Fast forward five years, and these once-small piglets have grown into impressive and distinct personalities, each with their unique charm.

Hermes, the natural-born leader of the group, embodies a spirit of adventure and loves to explore the world around him. Bruno, with a heart of gold, adores the warmth of snuggles and embraces his role as a true introvert, cherishing his moments of solitude. He’s a testament to the deep emotional capacity of these remarkable animals. And then there’s Apollo, the sweet trouble-maker who keeps things lively with his delightful shenanigans. His playful spirit and antics bring a smile to everyone’s face.

The bond between these three goofy boys is unbreakable, and they’ve become an inseparable part of our sanctuary family. We can’t imagine the sanctuary without them, as they serve as a reminder of the joy and vibrancy that these beautiful animals bring to our lives.

Hermes, Apollo, and Bruno

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Hermes, Apollo, and Bruno
Meet Hermes, Bruno, and Apollo, the delightful trio of piglets who arrived at our sanctuary...
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