Emma was rescued from a biomedical research lab where she had been subjected to painful and harrowing experiments. Her early days were marred by suffering, leaving her covered in painful cuts and burns, and understandably frightened. Since her arrival at our sanctuary, Emma has undergone an incredible transformation. She has not only survived but thrived, displaying an indomitable spirit that serves as a beacon of inspiration to all who know her. While she still bears the physical scars of her past, her heart and spirit have healed with the love and care she now receives. A few years ago, Emma battled a bout of pneumonia, and it was during this challenging time that she became a beloved house pig. She now enjoys the comfort of her own special, spacious crate decked out with a plush mattress and all the blankets she could ever desire. Emma’s favorite part of the day is coming indoors after a long day of exploring the sanctuary and being snuggled into her bed with a snack, basking in the love and warmth she was once denied.


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