Meet Richard! Rescued from a dire hoarding case in 2019, Richard’s journey to happiness is an inspiring tale of transformation. In his previous life, he shared a mere two acres with hundreds of other pigs, facing overcrowding and limited care. The ordeal left him understandably scarred, both physically and emotionally.

Upon his arrival at our sanctuary, Richard was understandably overwhelmed, displaying aggression and fear as a result of his past trauma. However, with the devoted care and love at the sanctuary, Richard’s life is so much better.

Over the course of a few years in our sanctuary, Richard has made remarkable progress. He’s evolved from a frightened and guarded pig into a happy and trusting soul who adores the simple pleasures of life. Today, he relishes the joy of belly rubs and the soothing comfort of a safe, nurturing environment.

Richard’s journey embodies the core mission of our sanctuary – to provide a haven for animals like him, offering them a second chance at a life filled with love, care, and the opportunity to thrive. Your contributions help us continue to transform lives, just like Richard’s, and make our sanctuary a place where all beings can find solace and happiness.


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