Once known by the name “Porkchop,” Cupcake’s journey began with a different fate in mind. She was purchased by a family who had intended to raise her for consumption, but Cupcake had other plans in store for them. Her sweet and intelligent nature captured their hearts, and they couldn’t bear the thought of causing her harm. With newfound understanding and love for pigs, the family made a remarkable decision. They arrived at our sanctuary, bringing Cupcake with them, and asked if we could provide her a loving forever home. They vowed never to eat pigs again, having learned firsthand just how sweet and intelligent these animals can be. To this day, Cupcake’s former family comes to visit her, calling out, “my pig!” Cupcake’s response is heartwarming, as she comes running from wherever she is to greet them. Their bond serves as a testament to the enduring connection between humans and animals, even when their paths were once so different. Cupcake’s life at the sanctuary is one of happiness and contentment. She cherishes the company of her best friends, Uma and Finnegan, and she’s a big fan of hugs and belly rubs.


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