pearl, judy, and jewel. photo by beth redwood

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to befriend a sheep, you already know how amazing they are. Sheep are smart, kind, excellent mothers and friends, curious, and brave. Every year at this time, vast grass fields are filled with sheep and their new born baby lambs – watching them run through the tall grass and play, but always staying close to mama is a joy. Sadly, this joy is short lived as the lambs will be taken from their mothers within four weeks of being born so that they can be slaughtered for Easter. It’s heartbreaking and unnecessary. Just like you, sheep value their lives and deserve to live free from harm. Here are just a few reasons to love lambs and sheep, not eat them!:


1. Sheep are incredibly caring mothers and form deep bonds with their babies. Our sweet sheep friend Pearl gave birth to two beautiful lambs at the sanctuary, Judy and Jewel, and even after two years they still spend almost all of their time together. They eat together, explore the pasture together, and cuddle up in the barn together.


pearl with judy and jewel. photo by beth redwood


2. Despite the popular belief that sheep are stupid, they are actually incredibly intelligent. They have very impressive cognitive ability and just like humans, they form deep and lasting bonds with each other, they stick up for one another in fights, and they grieve when they lose a friend. They experience all of the same emotions that we do including fear, joy, boredom, anger and happiness to name a few.


augustine and july. photo by beth redwood


3. In addition to being incredibly smart, they also have wonderful memories! They can remember approximately 50 individuals (sheep and human!) for years at a time.




4. Sheep have unique rectangular pupils that allow them amazing peripheralvision – it’s estimated that their field of vision is between 270 and 320 degrees! Humans, in comparison, average 155 degrees.


pearls beautiful eye.


5. They self medicate! Sheep who aren’t feeling well have been known to seek out plants and substances that make them feel better.


pearl and jewel. photo by beth redwood


We are so lucky to care for so many sheep friends at the sanctuary and to be able to truly get to know them as individuals. Every animal deserves to live a life free from harm and you can help by choosing to leave animals off your plate. If you’d like to support the care of the wonderful sheep who live at the sanctuary, you can make a one-time donation here. Thank you for your support!