By sharing the stories, including the recovery, of our rescued residents we help foster a culture in which their lives are of moral significance. Here are some of their stories. 

Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary

The Fab 5 +

On a cold winter day, we rescued five beautiful sheep from one of the worst neglect cases we have ever seen. Knee-deep in mud, with no access to food or clean water, and no shelter whatsoever; these sheep (along with goats and cows) were just barely surviving. Some didn't survive. Strewn around the property like garbage were the decomposing bodies of their friends and family members. We found one sheep trapped under a collapsed shed. She had been there for days as was evident by the number of droppings around her. When we freed her from the rubble, we found that she had severe trauma to her eye that was infected from not being treated. Along with other area sanctuaries, we loaded all of the animals we could find onto trailers and drove them to freedom. 


After a thorough check-up by our vet, it was determined that all of the five sheep had a body condition score of 1 (the worst there is), and they were all more than likely pregnant. So in the months after, we welcomed five beautiful lambs. They are now a close-knit family who enjoys roaming the sanctuary grounds and getting lots of love from visitors and volunteers. They are an absolute testament to the will of non-human animals to survive. Although not all of them are trusting of humans yet, they all know they are safe and loved.


Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary

Rosebud & Piglets

During the summer of 2008, Iowa suffered incomprehensible flooding. Known as the "pork" capital of the world, hundreds and thousands of pigs were left behind as farmers sought refuge on higher ground. Many of the pigs were left in gestation crates, 2-foot wide metal enclosures that keep mother pigs from rolling over onto their babies, and were unable to try and swim to safety. 69 pigs were rescued that day by Farm Sanctuary, and sweet Rosebud was one of them. 


Rosebud spent the beginning of her life in misery. A breeding sow, she was forced to live in an area grossly missized (imagine spending your whole life in a bathtub). Her babies were taken away from her one by one, over and over again. She had no companionship, no adventures, no hope. Her mornings were the same as her nights- caged and alone. For Rosebud, the great flood of 2008 may have been the best thing that ever happened because it meant a chance at freedom. Rosebud was pregnant when she was rescued and gave birth to eight perfect piglets. This time, she didn't have to fear that they would be taken away. Shortly after, Rosebud and her piglets were brought to Lighthouse to live out the rest of their lives in freedom and peace. They now enjoy plenty of space to roam, quality food, clean water, and a mud wallow all of their own. 




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