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By sponsoring a rescued farmed animal you will be supporting Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in providing lifelong care to these deserving individuals. 

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A digital, printable Sponsorship Certificate 

  • A Social Media Starter Pack, with images that you can use to share the news of becoming a proud #LighthouseSanctuarySponsor

  • A quarterly email update about your sponsored animal

Meet the animals below! 


Nellie's story is not your typical rescue story — she has been loved and cared for from just a few months old. She was rescued at a local dairy farm when it was found out that she is vision impaired. This different ability ended up saving her life! She joined our family in the spring of 2022 and has since formed a beautiful friendship with Italo, another of our rescued cow friends. 


Sweet Gandalf was left alone to fend for himself after his pervious family moved and left him behind. He survived for over a year eating whatever he could find — trees, bushes, and trash. Eventually he got fed up and started breaking out of his pasture onto a busy street hoping to find a better life. Luckily, he found us. He's been a part of our family since 2018 and we simply adore him. 


Greta came to us through a local animal control office. She was found collapsed from heat exhaustion after running down the middle of a busy highway. It's a miracle she didn't get hurt! She was very frightened by the noise and the shelter and desperately needed a calm, peaceful place to spend the rest of her days. Enter: Lighthouse! We are honored to offer Greta a loving forever home. 


Lighthouse is home to 137 wonderful pigs! All of them have been rescued from situations of neglect and abuse — most of them come from a large-scale hoarding case we worked on in 2019. Caring for this many pigs means a huge feed bill — not to mention the extra costs for bedding and vet care. Sign up to be a month sponsor of our pig herd! 


Lemon was rejected mere hours after birth by her mom and as a result needed to be bottle fed. It can be hard to keep up with bottle feeding a newborn goat — they require round the clock care and multiple feedings a day. Because she was deemed "too much work" she was going to be killed but we stepped in to offer her the forever sanctuary she deserves. Lemon has been with us since 2018 and she's grown into a beautiful, goofy girl. 

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