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3 Amazing facts about pigs

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

This summer has truly been the Summer of Pigs at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. In addition to the 20 pigs who permanently call the sanctuary home, we’ve also been caring for an additional 200+ from a neglect and hoarding case (you can read more about that here). Obviously we really, really love pigs and think you should too! Here are 3 amazing facts about pigs that will prove that they are truly friends, not food.

Photo by Beth Redwood

Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing. This summer we had over 70 piglets born on the property as part of the PNW 250 Pig Rescue. With every birth, we watched in awe as the mama pigs sweetly sang to their babies one by one, welcoming them to the world. Mother pigs also use individual calls for each of their piglets! Piglets recognize these calls immediately after being born, just like a human baby. The bond between a mother pig and her piglets is immediate and incredible.

Photo by Beth Redwood

No surprise here - Pigs feel complex emotions! They feel optimistic or pessimistic based on how they are treated (link). When we first arrived to the hoarding property in St. Helen’s, the sadness was palpable. The pigs had completely lost hope in having a good life. They were terrified of everyone and ran around the 3 acre property in blur of hooves and dust at the slightest sound. It was heartbreaking to watch but we knew the moment they arrived at our sanctuary with green grass, quality food, clean water, and plenty of belly rubs, they would find the hope they had abandoned. And we were right! Within one day of being at our sanctuary, almost all 200+ pigs were rolling over for belly rubs and none of them ran in the other direction when approached. They knew they were finally safe and their optimism returned after being shown love and care for the first time in years.

Photo by Beth Redwood

And finally, the most important fact of all: pigs (and all animals) deserve to live a life free from harm. They are smart, sentient individuals who value their life and it’s up to every single one of us to make compassionate choices on their behalf. Watching the family dynamics and bonds of a 200+ sounder of pigs has proven that they are unique and complex individuals with multi-faceted personalities, just like us. There is no humane way to take the life of a pig and every piece of bacon and ham is the product of immense suffering. There are many plant-based alternatives to bacon that are healthier for you, the planet and most importantly for the animals.

Please email us at for tips on how to make more compassionate choices.

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